GermanWings Plane Evacuation: Possible Bomb Threat

GermanWings Plane Evacuation: Possible Bomb Threat

A Germanwings flight bound for Italy from Germany has been evacuated at Cologne Bonn Airport due to a bomb threat, late on Sunday due to a bomb threat, the airline said.

Germanwings, a budget unit of German airline Lufthansa, has been in the spotlight since the March 24 crash when one of its planes crashed into a mountain in the French Alps last month, killing everyone on board.

Germanwings said the pilot of Flight 4U 826 to Milan was taxiing to the runway when he received a call from the air traffic tower.The pilot took the plane to a position at the airport that is foreseen for such cases, where the passengers and crew left the aircraft. Federal police said sniffer dogs found no sign of explosives.

The threat was emailed to the airport 15 minutes before the plane’s scheduled departure, prompting police to set the necessary measures in motion.

Official report states, “A total of 132 people were on-board, including 126 passengers and six crew members.”

A spokesman for Cologne/Bonn airport could not immediately be reached for comment. The federal police did not immediately return a call seeking comment. Germanwings said passengers would be able to fly to Milan on a different aircraft on Sunday night while the searched plane has been cleared for air traffic.


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