Geta Airport Upgrade: Capital may halt

Geta Airport Upgrade: Capital may halt

Geta Airport situated in Kailali district has failed to secure land to continue its upgrade work. The capital required for compensating land owner shave been secured and finalized, but the land acquisition process is still not completed. The delay may freeze the intended investment policy.

The land owners and CAAN authorities have already initiated the work but the delayed caused by district administrative officers have increased the possibility to freeze the funding required to attain land. The land was once evaluated in 2068 B.S. but the land owners are now demanding to reevaluate the property and re-compensation accordingly.

The authorities states the works been stalled because the chief district officer Mahadev Pantha have been transferred and new chief district officer has not been appointed yet. The allocated budget has been stalling for about 6 years and if the process stalls even this year, the fund will be transferred to initiate another project.

The Japanese cooperation agency agreed to invest 20 crore rupees to upgrade the Gheta Airport, along with other 4 airports in Nepal. The airport authorities are frustrated due to the delay caused by government officials and worried that the project to upgrade airport may slip way.

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