GlobalX Airlines commences flight operations as the newest US carrier

On August 7, Florida-based GlobalX Airlines announced the beginning of passenger revenue operations. It cleared all the DOT and FAA requirements, and the airline is set to announce the long-term and daily charter programs and the US government and other on-demand charters.

Miami International Airport and Atlantic City International Airport will be the initial bases, as the airline makes further plans to add its presence in the Western United States.

GlobalX Airlines Airbus A321

New charter contracts slated to start in December

•        From Dec 15- 3 flights in a week, Toronto-Miami

•        From Dec 18- 2 flights in a week. Miami-Tobago

Miami-Punta Cana, Miami-Cancun, Miami-Nassau, all operate on contract with tour operators.

The US FAA Aircraft Operating Certificate had been granted to GlobalX on August 4. With this certificate, GlobalX is authorized as a US 121 flag and supplemental carrier. Pending receipt of the final Department of Transportation (DOT) authorization, GlobalX airline commenced its operation as the newest carrier of the United States. Florida’s GlobalX got its part 121 Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and then the certificate of public convenience and necessity for interstate charter flights on August 3. The AOC is required for any air operator to utilize the aircraft for commercial purposes. GlobalX’s AOC designates the operation of scheduled flights from its base in Atlantic City, Miami International, and Punta Cana.

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Earlier before, on July 17, GlobalX was issued Show Case Order by US DOT, where it tentatively found the Global Crossing Airlines (GlobalX) to be fit and able to conduct interstate and foreign charter air transportation as a certificated carrier of the US.

Ed Wegel, the CEO of GlobalX, said that they were collaborating with Canadian low-cost airline Canada Jetlines to tap into cross-border charter opportunities and provide them more aircraft this winter to pent up the air demand from Canada to sun destinations in the US.

GlobalX operates its flight on wet lease, ad-hoc charters, and ACMI to the route networks across the US, Caribbean, and Latin American markets.

Recently, on August 16, GlobalX withheld the Independent Trading Group (TTG) as a market maker as per TSX Venture Exchange Policies.

With a family aircraft of Airbus A320 in its fleet, GlobalX has employed one Airbus A320 in revenue flights and is underway to add its A321 aircraft to its certificates based on the approval of the Federal Aviation Administration and US Department of Transportation. To ensure comfort and deliver superior reliability, GlobalX flies A320 and A321, which have seating capacities of 180 and 183, respectively. GlobalX is expecting to get the delivery of an Airbus A320-214 on an operating lease in October 2021, which will be the fourth passenger aircraft.

GlobalX has its target on charter flights operating on routes between the US and Cuba. As a subsidiary of Global Crossing Airlines, it is working with a planned LCC Canada Jetlines on a capital restructuring.

Global X is set to add the new 250 seaters Airbus A330 to its operating certificate in the second quarter of 2022. With this future fleet, GlobalX will launch best-in-class long-haul services. The key features of A330 include fuel efficiency, maintenance, and a 13-hour operating range.

Growth plans of GlobalX

As Global Crossing Airlines is a shareholder of Canada Jetlines, GlobalX has a 25% equity share in the Canadian airline. It has the large aim of air cargo operations. It also focuses on being the operator for other airlines, resorts, and stakeholders, sports teams who need A320 aircraft, tapping into the market for charter operations in today’s world where this massive soaring-up of private transportation is prevailing.

 The company visualizes to be the US charter airline operations leader by accommodating both passenger and cargo operations. As Canada Jetlines closed a private placement offer of $66 million to advance its licensing process, the synergy with commercial alliance partners will help the airline move aircraft back and forth with cost reduction.

The airline has stated its intention to grow its fleet by up to ten aircraft, including A330 and A321, over the next 16 months. It also has been set up to develop the South Florida maintenance complex.

Currently, GlobalX is preparing scheduled charter service operations on warm-weather resort destinations. Under part 380 of US DOT regulations, they are involved in the creation of different tour operators of specific countries. The near-term expansion plan could have the inclusion of Cuba, the Bahamas, and Jamaica.

Regarding cargo flights, GlobalX will employ 321 Freighter to carry Hazmat, Temperature-sensitive cargo, and medicine in the second half of 2021.

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