GOMA air crash investigation committee to be concluded today

GOMA air crash investigation committee to be concluded today

May 28, 2017-Kathmandu

Formation of the high-level committee on GOMA Lukla air crash investigation to be concluded today.

‘9N-AKY’-MSN 2917 Let L-410UVP-E20 belonging of Goma (Summit) Air crashed in an accident during the landing attempt to runway 06 at Lukla-Tenzing-Hillary Airport yesterday. The crash resulted in ending causing fatality of both pilot crews. Captain in chief Paras Kumar Rai was reported instant death but First Officer Shreejan Manadhar was rescued unconscious but continuous bleeding of inner organ and lack of proper treatment took his life after eight hours of crash time. Cabin Crew Pragya Maharjan was rescued safe and is currently breathing her normal breaths.

As per the reports and articles published by various authority persons poor visibility at Lukla has been marked to be the reason for the crash. As been reported the aircraft was safe until 2:05 pm local time when the uncertain clouds during the takedown procedure at the airport made it adverse for the pilots to touch the ground and resulted in a fatal crash. The aircraft was found collided with a pine tree prior to the ill weather condition. Both of the fatal body has already been landed at Maharajgunj Teaching Hospital for the post-mortem.

Cultural, Tourism and Civil Ministry meanwhile have planned to publicize a notice to form a high-level committee for investigating the air crash investigation of the incident by today. As been notified Suresh Acharya Secretariat at Cultural, Tourism and Civil Ministry will be leading the committee for the investigation.

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