Goma Air Let-410 9N-AKY crashed at Lukla Airport

Goma Air Let-410 9N-AKY crashed at Lukla Airport

May 27, 2017-LUKLA

Nepal aviation once again  has been taken by a storm after Goma Air (Summit Air) LET-410 aircraft  with registration ‘9N-AKY’ crashed at around 2:04 PM (local time) near the runway of Lukla Airport.

As per the information noted, the aircraft was enroute from Kathmandu to Lukla was under command of Captain Parash Rai, First Officer Shreejan Manandhar and Cabin Crew Pragya Maharjan.

Goma Air 9N-AKY

The aircraft was on short final and was shortly landing on Runway which unfortunately collided with trees. The rescue team was immediately dispatched from the airport and rescue work is going on.

All the crew members from the flight were rescued and send for treatment at Lukla. Two choppers are ready to airlift the injured crews to Kathmandu but subject to favorable weather conditions.



For more information stay tuned.

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