Gorkha Airlines struggling to bounce back into Nepali aviation

The twentieth century established Gorkha Airlines is planning to reinstate its service with Embraer Regional Jet (ERJ-145) however; the airlines yet hasn’t got its air operation certificate renewed which has left its flight operating plan in shadow.

As been reported by Mr. Prajol Shrestha, Managing Director for Gorkha Airlines, the officials for the airline are currently working with the preparation of essential documents needed for the airline renewal.

Mr.Shrestha reported AviationNepal that the airline hasn’t yet submitted the airline renewal documents at CAAN but is dedicated to submitting it after Tihar.

In addition, Shrestha also mentioned that representatives from ERJ (Embraer Regional Jet) manufacturer will be arriving Kathmandu soon after Tihar for technical talks about aircraft procurement process.

Gorkha is planning to acquire two brand new ERJ aircraft from its manufacturing plant in Brazil to recommence its flight operation.

The first ERJ aircraft is likely to arrive Kathmandu by the time span of coming four months, Shrestha added.

However; renewal of the airline for operation is the main matter of concern for Gorkha. The company that has fastened its seat belt to return back to Nepali aviation industry seems lacking genuine strategy. Gorkha Airlines has not made any significant progress so far; moreover, the company has not even focused on setting up an office so far.

The company had announced the vacancy for hiring staffs months earlier but none have been reported to have secured a position so far.

At present trend of Nepal where established airlines like Buddha, Yeti, Summit, Tara, Sita who are extending their fleet have succeeded to earn passengers trust for travel in such condition Gorkha Air has to come up with a master plan to sustain its business.

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