Gorkha Airlines lacking sheer determination to return back in Nepali aviation industry

The twentieth century established Gorkha Airlines is planning to reinstate its service with Embraer Regional Jet (ERJ-145) and Dornier aircraft in collaboration with Virgo Air based in India however; lack of utter determination has left the plan in shadow.

The Tourism Ministry renewed the flight operation license of Gorkha Airlines some three months ago. The company still needs to receive no-objection letter from the Tourism Ministry to get a go-ahead but till today there is no any sign of an enthusiastic approach from the company.

The Administration Officer of Gorkha Airlines said, “The company is awaiting the arrival of Captain Sikander Rizvi (MD of Virgo Air Ltd, India) to continue the documentation process here in Nepal. Captain Sikandar is expected to arrive by this coming week.” Soon after his arrival, we will expedite our processing, he added.

Photo: Gorkha Airlines Dornier DO-288.

The company that fastened its seat belt to return back to Nepali aviation industry is lacking genuine strategy. As per the source, Gorkha Airlines has not made any significant progress till now. Moreover, the company has not even focused on setting up well-managed office and deploying skilled manpower. Besides, the company has shown some unprofessionalism through announcing vacancy for couple of times and hiring staffs who almost have nothing to do till now. This uncertainty attitude from the company has indulged the staffs with skepticism and is also degrading the prestige of the company itself.

In addition, the staffs who currently work for Gorkha Airlines are in high probability of being poached by other proficient airline companies. The company may bear high turnover rate unless it provides safe and healthy environment for its staffs. All these circumstances could degrade the goodwill of the company.

The aviation industry of Nepal is quiet competitive and ruthless these days as we can observe airline companies being ambitious with expansion of their fleet capacity and destinations. In this context, Gorkha Airlines is desperately lacking competency in respect to other airline companies which means the airline will head nowhere if it continues to do so.

So, who is to be responsible for all these controversies and why the officials at the company are unaware? The aviation industry of Nepal desperately desires airline companies to expedite further and reach to the summit. It is also the vital responsibility of airline companies to expand and support the aviation industry of Nepal with utmost effort. Gorkha Airlines being an important part of the Nepali aviation must show utter enthusiasm for its own benefit and for the prestige of aviation industry of Nepal. Also, it will be highly beneficial if Gorkha Airlines comes up with an enthusiastic approach to rule and excel the aviation industry of Nepal.


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