Government intends to increase regular international flights

The government intends to increase regular international flights the transit rate of corona decreases. From May, the authorities suspended the entirety of domestic and international flights to limit the spreading of Corona infection.

According to a source from the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, the cabinet meeting plans to restart regular flights following the Covid-19 Crisis Management Committee’s proposal (CCMC). According to CAAN sources, currently scheduled chartered flights will be terminated, and regular flights will be reinstated.

Government plans to open flights from 9 countries

According to sources, regular flights to three more nations will begin next week. From June 1, the government began operating frequent flights to China, Qatar, and Turkey. It is now planning to launch flights to Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. According to a source, Air Arabia and Fly Dubai are in the process of obtaining approval for regular flights. International flights will resume regularly, and an atmosphere will be established to facilitate the repatriation of stranded employees.

At the moment, only three nations are connected by international flights on a limited basis. Just a few flights between Istanbul, Doha, and New Delhi, are connected with Kathmandu. Regular international flights have been operated regularly by Nepal Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Air India, and Qatar Airways.

Sources say that the government is also preparing to open domestic flights. The Association of Airline Operators, Nepal, on Tuesday reminded that it had requested to open domestic flights a week ago saying that the transition rate was declining. Stating that domestic flights can be opened by following the prescribed public health standards, the association said that the airlines are ready to operate the flights as per the prescribed standards.

According to sources, the ministry is preparing to open 25 percent domestic flights like last year. The association claims that the flight will be infection-free if it works according to the criteria set by the World Health Organization. The Ministry seems to agree with the association view that the specified criteria will facilitate the movement of the public through air transport. But no decision has been made as to when domestic flights will be opened. The next cabinet meeting is expected to take a decision on domestic flights. The association has demanded a 75 percent discount on landing, parking and other fees during this year’s ban, as it did last year.

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