Government of Nepal seeking clarifications following increase in airfare

Government of Nepal has raided Airlines Operation Association of Nepal (AOAN) after the increase of airfare as applicable from Tuesday as a result of aviation turbine fuel price hike by Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC). Department of Supply Management and Protection of Consumers Interest (DSMPCI) has monitored the document and has taken control of it.

After the association increased the price up to Nrs. 220, the department has asked all the documents till date considering the hike to be unusual. The monitoring team has directed to submit the clarifications and details for the reason behind increasing airfare within 24 hours.

The union decided to increase the airfare on Monday according to which, the fare from Kathmandu to Dhangadhi is maintained Rs 12,320. So far, the passengers have been paying Rs 12,100 for the same distance.

The association has decided to increase the mountain flight fare by Rs.170. Similarly, Rs 165 on flight to Nepalgunj, Rs 150 for Bhadrapur flight and Rs 120 on Biratnagar flight. Bhairahawa flight fare is increased by Rs 105, Rs 95 on Tumlingtar, and Rs 80 for Pokhara, Rs 60 for Janakpur, Rs 55 on Bharatpur and Rs 45 on Simara flight has been increased.

NOC has increased cost of air fuel by Rs 5 per liter for domestic airlines which has now become Nrs87/liter from Nrs.82/liter.

Kamalesh Kumar Burma, Executive Director of AOAN said that the association has received approval from the government to increase the airfare. “We urged the government to reconsider the rent with the increased value of fuel,” he said, adding that ‘Civil Aviation Authority has been promoted after giving directions to increase the fare. ‘According to him, the Authority has approved on the decision of Union to raise the airfareon Sunday. However, the information from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) denies the fact that they have permitted to increase the airfare.

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