Government of Nepal slotted 53 international flights each week

The Government of Nepal decided to increase the number of flights to international destinations. According to the CAAN, the number of flights to nations other than India has increased.

There would be a maximum of 53 flights each week, as per the new decision. Previously, just a few dozen international flights flew as per the Government’s decision.

53 International flights

Only two flights per week will be allowed to New Delhi. In which Nepal Airlines will fly on Wednesday, and Air India scheduled for Monday each week. As per the schedule, Nepal Airlines will fly Dubai on Tuesday and Thursday each week. Three flights slotted each week to Himalaya Airlines and Fly Dubai.

Nepal Airlines and Qatar Airways will have daily flights to Doha, while one flight for Himalaya Airlines.

Four Flights a week have been scheduled for Himalaya Airlines to Dammam and One flight for Nepal Airlines to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Three flights for Himalaya Airlines to Malaysia.

On Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, Turkish Airlines will fly to Istanbul, Turkey.

Jazeera will have flights to Kuwait in a week, Three flights for Salam Air to Muscat. Two flights in a week for Air Arabia to Abu Dhabi and single flights in a week for Singapore Airlines to Singapore.

International flights from Nepal slotted

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation will determine if more flights are required and decide accordingly.

The CAAN, on the other hand, claims that the coronavirus pandemic may change in the schedule. All airlines must comply with the stated health requirements and provide the necessary paperwork.

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