Government plans to reduce the number of chartered flights

Yogesh Bhattarai, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal, said there would be a rise in regular flights. He said that he is planning to reduce the number of chartered volumes on a regular flight.

He said that 12 to 15 flights a day are ready for service. From September 1, the government agreed to operate regular flights.

“50% of worldwide flights are affected by Outbreak,” he said. “out of the 44,000 daily air flights to the USA, stretch to 20,000 daily flights. India has not opened the flight yet. Thus, we can minimize the number of charter flights. Moving challenges, do not have a ticket and have to pay a number for blackmail.” When returning to Nepal, he said a 72-hour PCR report is needed, regardless of where you live.

Photo: Bijay Amatya
Photo: Bijay Amatya

“There will not be the confined flights,” he said. “The number of flights can be increased according to the directions provided by the embassies of the countries concerned.” He said that after routine flights, the Embassy might not have a list. “When any of the employers or countries of their destination claim they return to Nepal, the embassy can carry out the flight clearance and the flight control,” Bhattarai said.

The flights were not permitted earlier from Saudi Arab and Bahrain. He said that at the request of the Embassy, flight permission has granted. He said a person who travels Kathmandu without a PCR report should stay a week at a hotel.

He said the Ministry of Labor is organizing the International Job Protection Fund with the Embassy to return the unemployed workers. Without air service arrangements, fares can not be set for airlines in countries.

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