Government prepares to resume domestic flights by publishing strict security guidelines


Government prepares to resume domestic flights by issuing strict security guidelines

Extensive changes in rules of departure and arrivals are being made in order to maintain social distance in the airport. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) is working at Tribhuvan International Airport and other major airports of the country to maintain social distance and provide various security arrangements. CAAN has also sent guidelines to airports across the country. The authority has also started preparing a guideline for international flights. The guideline will mention the rules to be followed by passengers, airlines and airports staffs.

Passengers will need to show a report of PCR or Rapid Test for traveling. This will largely prevent the spread of infection in flight.

Mr. Raj Kumar Chhetri, spokeperson of CAAN said that the structures have been prepared at the airport so that the distance between the passengers is maintained and there is no congestion. “The directive has been sent to the domestic airports and the airlines and airports are preparing the structure accordingly,” Chhettri said. Passengers will have to maintain social distance at the airport and adopt various security measures. For this, the criteria set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) would have to be met.

Passengers are required to follow the rules as per the guidelines from the time of entry to the time of departure. Considering the safety of the passengers, the guideline has mentioned to use the mandatory masks while staying at the airport premises as well as cargo and ticket counters.
In order to avoid infection, a distance of at least 1 meter should be maintained at the airport, check-in counter, ramp bus, ticketing counter, cargo and other places. Passengers will be served only 75 percent of the capacity of the ramp bus. Before boarding, everyone’s hands will be sanitized and only four people will be allowed to board and deboard at a time according to the seat number.

For the time being, it has been stated that it is not allowed to transport pets should be implemented. Passengers with symptoms including cold and body aches will be banned from traveling. Respiratory patients will be prohibited. Passengers with symptoms of COVID-19 are required to give advance notice. There will be a complete ban on food other than sanitized water on the plane.
The use of toilets will be prohibited during the flight. Glass as protective shield will be used at airline counters.

Airlines will have to prepare separate guidelines to make staff, offices, maintenance sites, vehicles and machine plants at the airport transition-free. All vehicles, ramps, buses, vans, tractors need to be sanitized in the morning and afternoon before operation.

“We will issue this directive a week before the flight starts,” said spokesperson Chhetri.

“Even though there is no decision on international flights, discussions are underway to open domestic flights from the third week of June,” said spokesperson Chhetri.

News Source: NayaPatrika

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