Government set to revise policies regarding issuance of int’l flight license

Government is set to revise its rule regarding issuing international flight license to domestic airlines for which Ministry of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) has prepared a draft.

The new policy will enable domestic airlines to receive a license to conduct international flights without requiring any other specifications if it has experience of conducting flight for a minimum of 5 years.

Currently, foreign airlines operate majority of international flights in Nepal and only three Nepali airline companies – the state-owned NAC, privately-owned Himalaya Airlines and Buddha Air are operating international service. BB Airways is not operating international flight as it has not acquired international air operating license. Shree airlines have also approached to get international air operating license from MoCTCA.

This has also led national airlines share in international traffic down and government has targeted to increase the share of Nepali carriers to 60% in international flight. The draft has already been endorsed by the infrastructure committee of the Cabinet and is now awaiting approval from the full Cabinet and after cabinet passes the procedure, it will come into implementation.

Government is also preparing for the opening of application for cargo flight operation in Nepal. The airline that follows the work procedure made by Ministry of Culture, tourism and civil aviation (MoCTCA) for international flight will be give the operation approval.

After passing the procedure that has been presented in the Council of Ministers, the Ministry will allow the operation by requesting applications from any airlines company that wants to operate. Earlier also permission to operate cargo airlines was given but no company had shown interest.

After the proposal from cabinet will be passed, the ministry will call for proposal from the company that wants to open cargo and passenger airline. Best out of the best company will be selected.

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