Government writing to Indian Aviation Authority for controlling hike in air fare of Kathmandu-Delhi

The government has decided to control the air ticket rate of Kathmandu-Delhi air route.

The air freight increased three times after Jet Airways stopped its all flights operation between Kathmandu and Delhi.

Previously, the air ticket was about NRs 10,000 and reached NRs 40,000.

Suresh Acharya, Joint Secretary of Tourism Ministry stated that the government is going to coordinate with India regarding air ticket rate control between Kathmandu-Delhi routes.

After the closure of Jet Airways, Kathmandu-Delhi’s rare price has been stagnant.

Jet airways cancelled flights nearly a month ago and the airline had been providing service to more than 500 passengers daily in the sector. Closure of the airlines led to increase in passenger volume to other airlines resulting to increase in fare.

Speaking at the hotel association in the annual general assembly of Nepal, Acharya said that to control this, the government is sending letters to the Indian Civil Aviation Authority.

He also requested Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) to add flights to Delhi route.

NAC, which used to operate 1 flight daily, begun to operate 2 flights daily from May 1, 2019 after Jet Airway shut down its flight service.

According to the plan of NAC, in the morning, NAC has been operating with its narrow-body aircraft having 158 seat capacities and the second flight has been operating by wide-body aircraft having 278 seat capacities.

Acharya said that Ministry should pay attention in such case as tourists are not able to come Nepal since the air freight increased rapidly.

Currently 3 airlines, Nepal Airlines (NAC), Air India and Indigo operate in this sector. NAC and Air India is operating 2 daily flights while Indigo is operating 1 flight. Indigo had stated to increase 1 flight in the sector from May and has already received permission from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) but has not increased the flight frequency.

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