Govt. aims to increase tourists arrival with reform in airport infrastructure

Government has announced to complete construction and bring Gautam Buddha International Airport (GBIA) into operation within 18 months and commence Second International Airport (SIA) project in Nijgadh within 3 years.

The government has planned to bring 2 million tourists every year by fiscal year 2077-78 by investing in tourism infrastructures like the airports which will eventually increase income of the country by 4% from tourism sector. Finance minister presented the intermediate expenditure structure in the parliament which has mentioned increase in investment in air infrastructure to increase number of tourist arrival annually.

Government has expected the total cost to be 78 billion in tourism sector till 2077-78 fiscal year from upcoming fiscal year.

Over the period of next 3 years, government believes the GBIA will come into operation and work for Nijgadh International Airport will also be commenced along with construction of Pokhara Regional International Airport.

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has informed that within 18 months from now Gautam Buddha International Airport will come into operation as blacktopping of the runway and adding of roof to terminal is only left to be completed although finishing of the infrastructure and adding of technical devices are also left.

Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Report for second international airport at Nijgadh has been approved and Ministry of Forest and Environment has also given approval to chop down the forests for constructing the airport. Within 2 years, final modality will be made and the constructions site will be vacated after wards and construction work will be started.

Government has also planned to bring the non-operational airports into full service. In fiscal year 2077-78, Nepal is celebrating ‘Tourism Year-2020’ with aim of bringing 2 million tourists providing 14 days average length of stay spending 66 dollars per tourist that will contribute to 1.6 million Nepali which will help to increase Gross national income by 4 % from tourism sector.

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