Ground handling benefitting Nepal Airlines

Photo: Nepal Airlines Airbus takeoff from RWY 02 TIA, Nepal

Ground handling benefitting Nepal Airlines

March 6, 2017-Kathmandu

Ground handling of Tribhuwan International Airport has become the major source of income for Nepal Airlines. The national flag carrier has already made a profit of thirteen crore rupees during seven months of 2073/74fiscal year operation. “Income generated from TIA’s ground handling is the main source of profit for Nepal Airlines” reported a source.

Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Jiwan Bahadur Shahi had reported about the income statement of Nepal Airlines to the committee of constitutional assembly yesterday. Minister Shahi also stated that this is the highest amount of profit ever earned by Nepal Airlines.

National flag carrier had earlier made two crores of profit in 2070/71 fiscal year followed by one crore and fifty lakhs on 2071/72 fiscal year and four crores during 2072/73 fiscal year. “NAC is back on track and I am very glad it only took seven months of 2073/74 fiscal year for the airlines to generate thirteen crores and seventy-one lakhs.”

NAC had earned five arba four crore twenty lakh and eighty-six thousand from both ground handling and flight operation by investing more than four arba forty-three crore twelve lakh and ninety-nine thousand. Excluding the operation expenditure the airlines had earned sixty-one crore and eighty-six thousand rupees but after removing all other charges of the airlines it was left with thirteen crore and seventy-one lakh rupees of profit.

According to the income statement of the flag carrier, it had earned three arba from international flight operation and one arba seventy-six crore from ground handling. Similarly, it had spent one arba seventy crore on flight operation and one arba thirty-six crore for administrative expenses.

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