Grounded Nepal Airlines A320 (Sagarmatha) Back To The Sky From Today

Grounded Nepal Airlines A320 (Sagarmatha) Back To The Sky From Today


September-26, 2016-Kathmandu

Recently, Nepal Airlines A320-233 bearing the registration ‘9N-AKW’ (Sagarmatha) had been grounded due to temporary malfunction of its auto-thrust system. As reported, there was a problem in Engine Pressure Ratio (EPR) system of the aircraft. Unfortunately, today another A320 possessing the registration ‘9N-AKX’ (Lumbini) also became grounded because of the smoke arisen inside the cockpit at 11,000 ft altitude.

The grounding of both A320’s would have resulted in daily loss to the corporation. So, both aircraft were taken to the hangar and the unfunctioning Sensor Relay Box (SRB) of Sagarmatha was replaced by the functioning SRB of Lumbini.

After the replacement of SRB, Sagarmatha has returned back to the service. The aircraft has conducted flight to Mumbai on KATHMANDU-MUMBAI route in the evening.

As per the information acquired, A320-233 (Lumbini) is anticipated to be grounded for upcoming few days. Currently, one A320-233 (Sagarmatha) and remaining only one B757 are serving international sectors of the corporation.


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