Grounded Twin Otter and MA-60 hampers NAC’s domestic flight operation

June 2, 2017

The domestic flight operation of Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) remains disturbed after the grounding of its two Twin Otter and an MA-60 aircraft.

According to the Engineering Director of NAC, the two Twin Otter; ‘9N-ABU’ and ‘9N-ABT’ are waiting for the replacement of fire extinguishers at their engine infrastructure. Due to the delay in the arrival of the equipment, the maintenance and operation of those aircraft remain uncertain.

Likewise, one of NAC’s two MA-60 with registration ‘9N-AKR’ is also under maintenance after it suffered bird strike when it was en route to Kathmandu from Biratnagar. The aircraft encountered damage on its leading edge. The flight operation of two Harbin Y12e is also under shadow due to lack of commanding captain.

The Corporation is targeting to increase its fleet capacity and destinations, however; absence of proper management is degrading the quality of the corporation. It is urgency for the corporation to overcome all the circumstances and excel forward becoming the pride of the nation.


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