Gulfstream G700 achieved excellence awards for seating configuration

Recently, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. reported that the Gulfstream G700 achieved the 2020 Global Yacht & Aviation Awards in the aircraft’s all-new seat configuration. The 2018 Gulfstream G500 and Gulfstream G600 got the same prestigious award.

The G700 Iconic seat features an iconic wingback design modified to excruciating detail, including curve, which represents the style and layout of the ultimate Gulfstream G700 cabin. The Classic Seating was built to back and side paneling for improved versatility that consumers may opt to enhance through veneer, fabric, leather, or textile products. Customers partner through Gulfstream designers and artisans to select their fabrics and discover the abundance of design options available by stitching, tubing, and other modifications.

Gulfstream G700 cabin
Seating configuration of gulfstream G700 ; photo by: gulfstream

Gulfstream’s design and development department began with quite a clean sheet concept to build an award-winning seat. They refined through careful testing and thorough functionality experiments, culminating in authentic, natural forming that increases comfort across all bodies. With personalized strengthening, trimming, and hand-stitching, artisans at Gulfstream’s seat shop carry that sketches to reality, guaranteeing the longevity, elegance, and luxury of its Gulfstream G700 Classic Seat.

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Incorporated as that of the new flagship of the business-jet market in October 2019, the G700 boasts one of the most luxurious cabins and can travel faster than any other commercial aircraft. The G700 could be designed to fit up to five communal spaces and features the industry’s first ultra galley with passenger lobby or crew rest, a lounge or meeting room with six places, and a luxurious suite. Twenty wide-angle screens, 100 percent new, never reinjected air, the smallest cabin height, and whisper – excessive portable noise compose the Gulfstream Cabin Experience and Gulfstream G700 as well as a master suite option a stand-up shower.

Cabin of Gulfstream G700; Photo: Glufstream

Gulfstream and Bombardier’s new broad-cabin aircraft are proud to travel farther than most private jets throughout the class, joining city pairs that were exclusively available through long-range commercial aircraft. E.g., Bombardier’s Global 7500 and Gulfstream’s forthcoming G700 will travel over 7,500 nautical miles or some 17 hours in the distance.

The Gulfstream G700 operated over 100 flight tests, company flutter tests successfully finished, and the aircraft scope extended at upper and lower speeds. The jet also soared above its highest cruising speed and cruise altitude, becoming a result of Gulfstream‘s research effort, hitting Mach 0.99 and an elevation of 54,000 feet/16,459 meters. The G700 has a nominal cruising speed of Mach 0.925 in standard operations and a nominal cruising altitude of 51,000 ft/15,545 m.

Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines drive the Gulfstream G700, and therefore, it can travel 6,400 nautical miles/11,853 kilometers on Mach 0.90 high-speed cruising or 7,500 nm/13,890 km on its Mach 0.85 long-range cruise. The Gulfstream G700 also features the Gulfstream Consistency Flight Deck and the only digitally connected dynamic response sidesticks in the sector, the most widespread application of touch-screen technologies in commercial aviation, and the award-winning innovative landing efficiency application from Gulfstream.

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