Gyrocopter “9N-AMK” successfully completes the test flight for Heli-Air with PHOTO FEATURE

Gyrocopter “9N-AMK” successfully completes the test flight for Heli-Air with PHOTO FEATURE


Heli- Air, a newly registered helicopter operator has finally completed the test flight of its first Gyrocopter “9N-AMK”.

The test flight was conducted on 23 May, 2017 Tuesday. “9N-AMK” had been through 30 minutes long test ride flying over the skies of Kathmandu. The aircraft took off from TIA’s Eastern Helipad at around 2:25 pm (local time) in the afternoon and landed back after 30 minutes of in flight inspection.

The test flight was operated by French Instructor Eric Freydic and Er. Bidhan Shrestha, Senior Officer of Airworthiness Inspector for CAAN’s flight Safety Department had invigilated the test ride. During the thirty minutes long test overall in flight performance of the aircraft for safety precaution was invigilated by the invigilator to approve the aircraft for airworthiness.

The Gyro operator is now waiting for the issuance of Airworthiness certificate from CAAN for commencing its flight operation. Heli-Air has planned to conduct the air operation of the Gyrocopter from Pokhara Airport and is focused to attract tourist for ride.

The Gyrocopter after acquiring the Airworthiness certificate will conduct commercial flight which will include Aerial Survey, Sightseeing, Mountain Flights and other special adventurous missions.

Heli-Air Nepal is the only and proud operator of Gyrocopter in South-Asia. The company plans to add one additional gyrocopter and two factory made Bell 505 Jet Ranger X helicopters soon. The company has also been building a maintenance hangar in Pokhara Airport to conduct maintenance work of Bell 505 and AS 350 B3e helicopters.



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