Half dozen chartered flights commencing within the next week.

Half dozen chartered flights commencing within the next week.

Nearly half dozen international chartered flights have been prepared within the next one week to depart foreign tourists from Kathmandu. According to the Nepal Tourism Board, the Embassy of respective countries are rescuing their citizens from Nepal to their native country.

Four chartered flights on Saturday

Qatar Airways will arrive on Saturday (April 4th) to airlift German citizens from TIA. The German Embassy in Nepal has confirmed that the aircraft will fly to Frankfurt.

German citizen will be in a priority to occupy the seats and then, the remaining seats will be grant to the other EU citizens.

Likewise, the Embassy of Malaysia, Nepal is preparing to evacuate its citizens through Malindo Air. Malindo Air is scheduled to land at TIA today at 11:35 am to evacuate Malaysian citizens to their home country.

France will also withdraw its citizens from Qatar Airways on Saturday. The aircraft is said to fly to Paris, France after they board their citizen from TIA.

An Airbus A320 registration with OK-HEU , Czech Airlines (CSA) will land today at TIA. This aircraft is on the way from Colombo, Srilanka to evacuate the Czech citizen from Nepal.*

Next week schedule

Qatar Airways will arrive Kathmandu on Sunday (April 5) to carry American citizens. On April 9, German official informed the board of another flight from Qatar Airways. However, the board has said that the flight is not yet confirmed.

On April 10, South Korea is about to withdraw its citizens. Korea plans to bring Korean Air to Kathmandu.

The flight to Britain and other countries has not been confirmed.

*Added later at 1:15 PM 4 April 2020

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