Hang Glider Flight Test Successfully Carried Out In Pokhara

Hang Glider Flight Test Successfully Carried Out In Pokhara


Hang gliding is a kind of air sports in which pilot and one passengers glide into the air after takeoff with the help of another aircraft. As, Hang glider is non-powered aircraft it needs to be towed by another powered aircraft for takeoff. Hang glider is similar to paraglider. Both of them are non powered aircraft. Hang glider can fly upto 10,000 feet.


As major earthquakes shook the whole country resulting more than 8,500 casualties and devastating several structures and properties, the flow of tourists to Nepal has decreased gradually. In order to attract tourists and promote tourism of the nation, Aviaclub of Pokhara has brought two hang gliders for hang gliding. The test flight has been conducted successfully.


Natasa Shrestha, operator of Aviaclub, told that they are intending to provide new taste to those who loves courageous sports with the help of hang glider. Aviaclub has its own airfield in pokhara for the conduction of air sports. The runway is 600 m long which is sufficient for the ultralights, hang gliders, C-172 and so on. Currently, Aviaclub has 6 paragliders, 2 hang gliders and 2 paramotors. It has been informed that the commercial flights of hang gliders will begin till October.


The Photo is taken from Avia Club Facebook Fan page. Aviation Nepal does not own the copyright of the photo.

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