Harbin Y-12e waiting replacement parts from China for maintenance

The recently brought Chinese Harbin Y-12e aircraft with registration ‘9N-AKV’ collided with the United Nations Boeing 767 which was taxiing. The official of NAC said that the Boeing collided with rudder of the small aircraft and although the contact seems normal, the part must be changed. Another same model of aircraft with registration ‘9N-AKU’ got some damage after the nose of the aircraft cracked while turning inside the hanger.

NAC’s spokesperson Mr. Rabindra Shrestha said that the required replacement parts are being ordered from China and the maintenance will be initiated shortly after the arrival of the parts. However, the expected time of completion of the maintenance is unknown.

Recently brought Harbin Y-12e ‘9N-AKU’ at NAC Hangar, TIA

The Chinese aircraft which was bought with Chinese government loan have been grounded for long period in Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). The management team of Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) had promised to bring the grounded Chinese aircraft in operation within 10 days to Honorable Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Mr. Rabindra Adhikari but it couldn’t happen as expected following the technical damage to the aircraft.

The national flag carrier has been bearing enormous pressure due to the uncertainty of the Chinese aircraft. Moreover, the financial loss incurred by the grounding of such aircraft is boundless.

Lack of sufficient and competent pilots is the main reason behind the grounding of Harbin Y-12e series aircraft. In addition, the immature management strategy and lack of concern is another major reason behind it. Rabindra Shrestha informed that the negotiation with Chinese pilots is also going on. However, the Chinese pilots have demanded huge salary. Initially talks with 3 pilots were done but 2 are only interested to come to Nepal for salary of $9000 per month.

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