Harbin Y-12e to arrive tomorrow (Nepal Airlines)

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Photo: Harbin Y12e

Harbin Y-12e to arrive tomorrow (Nepal Airlines)

January 30, 2017- Kathmandu

The Harbin Y-12e aircraft, which is a part of the deal between China and Nepal, provided on a soft loan agreement, will be coming tomorrow being the fourth one out of the six aircraft.

The previous MA-60 has already arrived on Thursday and brought by Nepalese pilots via Bangladesh. The aircraft is named ‘Fewa’ and NAC’s pilot Gopal Singh Bista flew the 56-seater plane. The aircraft has gotten 9N-AKR call sign from the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN).

Two aircraft are already provided as a gift and have been in Nepal for two years.

NAC plans to conduct additional flights numbering to 14 to different destinations and the two MA-60s will operate 32 flights every week.

NAC has earlier signed a deal with AVIC International Holding in December, 2012 according to which the company has provided the two aircraft on grants and remaining four on soft loan.

Although NAC acquired supply of two Chinese aircraft in 2014 itself, it was unwilling to accept the remaining four airplane because of concerns associated to replacement parts, training of pilots and engineers, weight capacity and insurance.


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