Hard to get passengers for China Routes: Himalaya Airlines.

Despite the flight suspension, Himalaya Airlines has undertaken multiple freight flights between China and Nepal. Even if Himalaya Airlines is allowed permission to operate regular flights on the China route, Himalaya officials has said that there would be fewer passengers.

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Nepal Airlines and Himalaya Airlines taking off for China today

Officials from Himalaya Airlines stated there would be no passengers as they would be remaining in the China route for more than three weeks.

Himalaya Airlines has not applied for regular flights with the government. According to officials, “We have received no formal confirmation from the government that Himalayan Airlines would be permitted to fly to China. We heard about it on the news.’

Despite the legal ruling, the company has said that getting passengers on both sides is challenging.

“China has stringent quarantine regulations. We had to transport individuals not only from here but also from there,’ says Bijaya Shrestha. Nobody travels to China for trade. The lone passengers are Chinese tourists in Nepal who want to fly back home.

Bijaya Shrestha believes that both the government, Nepalese, and the Chinese should lower quarantine rules.

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