Health ministry express doubts on starting air ambulance service

Policy, Planning and International Co-operation Division of Health Ministry has expressed doubts on starting air ambulance service in country to transfer pregnant and ill peoples during emergency from rural area to health care because of several constraints.

Division chief of health ministry Mahendra Shrestha said that cost of a air ambulance will be around 400 million rupees and its continuous operation will add pressure and increase the budget. The pessimism from the government has shown mixed reaction among people because it would benefit women and ills of rural parts.

Finance minister had presented annual budget mentioning about providing air ambulance service and Shrestha on behalf of ministry said the plan implementation will be difficult and they are unsure about government owning its own air ambulance as they will have to deal with all technical problems that arise.

Before also health minister Khagraj Adhikari had stated about the idea of having air serice to rural area peoples and ministry had allocated 5 million NPR to each region for hiring air service but it all went in vain as only 2 region utilized the money with no or less positive outcome.

The idea of air service emerged as government is trying to reduce Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR)and Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) as per Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2016-2030 and expert also have provided idea of using air service which can subsequently reduce such MMR and IMR.

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