Heated Competition in Air Fare among leading Domestic carriers

Private domestic carriers are in heated competition as they are offering fare as low as NRs. 1500 for flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara. Private airlines like Buddha air and Yeti airlines have reduced air ticket between Kathmandu and Pokhara to attract passengers.

The airlines have allocated air fare around Rs1500 between Kathmandu and pokhara air route for short period of time.

According to the source, the airlines have decided to lower the ticket price as tourist season has began and foreigners and domestic tourist arc have increased rapidly so, to attract more passengers, the air companies have brought this offer.

Buddha air and yeti airlines announced that this offer is limited for certain days but may introduce more offers looking at the situation.
In general, the air charge of one way from Kathmandu to pokhara was from Rs 4200-5200.

Bhim Raj rai, ground handling officer of yeti airlines stated that the offer is introduced as the number of passenger returning to Kathmandu are more compared to passengers travelling to Pokhara.

He also said that this offer is brought for five days and can be extend based in the situation . Newly added ATR of yeti airlines commenced flight at Pokhara before Dashain.

Currently yeti airlines operate flights with 3ATR and 6 jet stream.
Similarly, Buddha air which started operating convenience flight to pokhara from Thursday also informed that the offer can be extend looking at number of passenger. Buddha air operates flights with it’s 11 aircraft including 6 ATR.

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