Heli Air announces vacancy for the post of pilot & cadet pilot

Heli Air Nepal, the first Gyrocopter operator in Nepal has announced vacancy for the post of pilot and cadet pilot. As per the company, they are seeking 2 pilots and a cadet pilot for operating their Gyrocopter, Light Helicopter.

Required qualification for the pilots are Gyrocopter license and all the requirements fulfillment from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) along with minimum of 200 hours of experience in rotorcraft flying.

Likewise, the company will be partly sponsoring gyrocopter cadet pilot training with the guarantee in enrollment after the successful completion. For this, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age with +2 Science (Physics and Mathematics) educational background and medically fit as per the requirement of CAAN.

Interested candidates are required to mail the company at heliairnepal@gmail.com with necessary documents within 15 days of published date.

heli air nepal

Heli-Air Nepal is the one and only proud operator of Gyrocopter in South-Asia. The aircraft consists of fully integrated glass flight deck which provides flight information and safety. The aircraft especially suits for luxury travel as it consists of bubbled out windows which are quite comfortable for 360° view and photography. The aircraft is also popular for its performance and reliability as the aircraft is not affected by turbulence and is able to land anywhere if needed. So, it is estimated to be very useful for Mountain Flight, survey and other uses.

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