Heli-Air to commence its Commercial Operation from early September

Heli-Air, a newly established Nepalese helicopter charter company is likely to commence its service after a week (September 1, 2017) with its newly introduced Gyrocopter.

Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation and Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has already granted AOC (Air Operator’s Certificate) to Heli-Air, Helicopter Company.

Mr. Ronan Lamichhane, Managing Director for Heli-Air noted Aviation Nepal that Heli-Air will be conducting its commercial flight operation from 1st September, 2017 by its Gyrocopter aircraft as the ticket booking for the flight is also opened.

The Mountain flight fare for 15 minutes is USD 149, for 30 minutes is USD 249, for 60 minutes is USD 398, for 90 minutes is USD 548 and for 120 minutes is USD 698.

The Gyro operator Heli-Air has successfully conducted its Proving Flight (Test Flight) on May 24 this year and was waiting for the issuance of Airworthiness certificate from CAAN for commencing its flight operation.

Heli-Air Nepal is the one and only proud operator of Gyrocopter in South-Asia. The aircraft consists of fully integrated glass flight deck which provides flight information and safety. The aircraft especially suits for luxury travel as it consists of bubbled out windows which are quite comfortable for 360° view and photography. The aircraft is also popular for its performance and reliability as the aircraft is not affected by turbulence and is able to land anywhere if needed. So, it is estimated to be very useful for Mountain Flight, survey and other uses.

The company plans to add one additional gyrocopter and two factory-made Bell 505 Jet Ranger X helicopters soon. The company has also built its own maintenance hangar in Pokhara Airport to conduct maintenance work of Gyrocopter, Bell 505 and AS 350 B3e helicopters.

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