Heli Everest has added two helicopters making the fleet size of 4

Helieverest has added two helicopters to its fleet, making the total fleet size of 4. Helieverest has added two helicopters due to the increasing demand of foreign tourists and Nepalis.

One of the 2 Airbus helicopters built in France in 2019 arrived at Tribhuvan International Airport on Saturday, and the other helicopter will arrive in Nepal within two months.

Market chief Sitaram Sapkota informed that 2 B3 helicopters have been added to make it easier to bring in foreign currency to the country through tourism.

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Helieverest has been conducting search, rescue, and mountain flights for tourists, especially in the Himalayan region, and currently has two helicopters in operation. He said the company had bought two helicopters to provide more convenience to domestic and foreign tourists.

The new helicopter with the call sign 9N AOA can be used for any rescue flight. He said that the B3e model was chosen because it suits the geographical environment of Nepal.

He said that the company has started its preparations to provide convenience to tourists through 5 helicopters.
The government has imposed value-added tax (VAT) on spare parts, including fixed wings and helicopters, from the current financial year.

Due to this, the price of helicopters has increased sharply this year compared to last year. Many helicopter companies cannot purchase new ones due to price hikes.

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