Helicopter crash kills a pilot in Port Hills, New Zealand

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Helicopter crash kills a pilot in Port Hills, New Zealand

February 14, 2017- New Zealand

A pilot was found dead after a helicopter crashed in Christchurch, Port Hills.

According to the media from New Zealand, they wrote “the helicopter had crashed down just above the sugarloaf car parking area at around 2: 3o pm yesterday”.

The deseeded pilot was a fire rescue officer and was working on to control the fire of Christchurch Port Hills just before he crashed down.

Christchurch was under scrub fire from Monday morning and Rural Fire Fighters were handed the responsibility for the rescue operation. Deceased pilot was the helicopter pilot working as a rescue officer of Rural Fire Fighters.

Civil Aviation Authorities of the region had also canceled other helicopters rescue operation after the crash. CAA were aiming not have any additional crash and save other pilots.

CAA of the reason had operated other fifteen helicopters to fight the fire of the area. The team had estimated that the fire of the reason would need two days of rescue job.

Later mayor of Christchurch along with the principle of Rural Fire Fighter operation had expressed their condolence to the deceased family.

The investigation report on helicopter crash is yet to be revealed.

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