Helicopter crash lands while avoiding collision with DJI Phantom drone

Robinson Helicopter Co. R22 crash landed in South Caroline while avoiding collision with a civilian drone on February 2, which would make it the first drone-related crash of an aircraft in the United States.

A student pilot and an instructor were working low-altitude hovering in a remote area in Charleston and a small drone appeared directly in front of them.

The instructor took over controls and effort to avoid a collision however the helicopter’s tail hit a tree, triggering a crash landing.

The student and an instructor were safe despite the fact that the helicopter’s tail appeared to have significant damage.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration statement, Robinson Helicopter Co. R22 went down around 2 pm.

However, the FAA did not confirm the possible role of the drone but student and an instructor, both of them reported that the civilian drone was guilty for crash landing.

Police have not been able to locate the drone and its operator.

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