Small story of a helicopter crash

Mountain Air AS 350 B2 and crashed EC-130

Small story of a helicopter crash

January 25, 2017- Solukhumbu

The event initiated when a local from Juving named Devan Singh Rai fell from a tree and went on to fracture his both hands and a leg including dislocation of his pelvic bones. Fated to live, Mr. Rai was taken to the capital city on 8th of Ashoj via chartering a helicopter. But, the helicopter crashed while taking him towards Kathmandu which took off early in the morning at 7:30 am but the man still survived.

The helicopter belonging to Mountain Air of call sign 9N-ALQ was travelling to Juving medical center from Lukla Airport. Right after the takeoff, fumes started coming off from the aircraft and the pilot had to perform emergency landing at the nearby farm. Capt. Suraj Thapa had prevented an explosion by the help of fire extinguisher present at the aircraft.

There were six people on board the aircraft and all of them lived because they were saved by the Captain. The crew members and the passengers faced around two deadly events within fifteen hours.

The aircraft faced engine failure while taking off which was shown from on the dashboard of the aircraft which forced the captain to do emergency landing and while doing that, the aircraft got into the accident.


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