Helicopters can now charge 1 lakh extra on fare fixed by the government for COVID flights

During the rescue of COVID-19 infected patients, it is now possible to take an addition of 1 lakh in the fare fixed by the government earlier in 2072 BS. CAAN has decided to rescue the infected people of Corona by increasing the fare set by the government of Nepal in 2072 BS to a maximum of one lakh.

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Simrik Air has initiated air ambulance services for COVID-19 patients

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has written a letter to all the helicopter operators on Thursday.

According to CAAN, the fare for R-44 / R66 model helicopters was set at 1,000 USD per hour, and AS350, and the same series of helicopters were set at 1200 dollars per hour.

However, this decision was made, considering that pilots and medical teams have to be paid allowance. The equipment has to be kept in the helicopter carrying the infected patient, and the helicopter has to be made special sanitize treatment after each flight.

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