Helicopters proving to be requisite in disasters

At present major parts of Terai region of the country has been submerging by unruly rain raining continuously for several weeks. The nonstopping rain has devastated maximum numbers of families throughout the country. Many have already lost their lives and numerous have been left homeless.

The landslides resulted by non-stopping rain has not only destroyed the settlements but also has made the relief supply and rescuers difficult to reach. Maximum part of roads has been blocked either by heavy mass of water or by the rubbles of the landslide. The majority of flood and landslide affected are sorely left out of any transport connection by road only making air transport the possible way to reach.

Maximum of the country’s populations are cursed by the extreme mountainous topography making them difficult to reach their destination and calamities site to support yearly which adds burdens for them.

So analyzing the calamities and its affects various domestic helicopter operators from the country have made their helicopters active in this calamity affected reason to support the obstructed and affected communities.

Nepal Army has always been the unsung hero for the citizens in every difficult time. Either by their physical strength or by the use of their technologically advanced equipment the army of the nation has always come across to support its affected citizen. At the present scenario of these difficult hours, Nepal Army has come up with their possible effort to support the flood and landslide affected families. Both manpower and air transport has been mobilized to come up with much-needed reliefs at the destructed part of the nation.

Meanwhile, private heli-operators too have been using their helicopter as best as possible to aid their effort rescuing and supporting the families. At present helicopters belonging to Nepal Army and other private heli-operators are doing their best to reach the needy for their rescue.

The helicopters are basically used to dispatch the relief supplies but are also playing a keen role in rescuing individuals left out from any mode of transportation. As if today Simrik Air reached north part of Gorkha district which has been left out of any mean of roads by the landslide to rescue two pregnant mothers.

Similarly, Nepal Army still is busy rescuing and supplying the relief stocks to the citizens affected at the most difficult terrain reaching them via their helicopters. Previously, private heli-operators also were busy coping up the relief supplies to the families in flood submerged territory in southern Terai.

May it is flood, landslide, earthquake or any other devastating calamity helicopters have been adding a much-needed support to reach the obstructed and affected communities in time of emergency.

Russian-American aviation pioneer Igor Sikorsky once said, “If you are in trouble anywhere in the world, an airplane can fly over and drop flowers, but a helicopter can land and save your life.”

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