Here are several best things to do in Orlando with your kids

Are you heading to Orlando, be ready to carry a full bag of surprises as you will be welcomed by unlimited fun, joy, and amazement. Orlando is the world’s most visited family destination. Orlando is well-known for the world’s theme park appeal and an astonishing number of other places and environments to explore. The biggest surprise as the travelers first arrives in Orlando is that a large amount of area is covered by water, not land, as Orlando is home to more than 100 lakes and many more.

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Walkthrough at Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Things to do in Orlando

Visiting Orlando and looking for something special to do? Well, you have a lot more to do!

Gatorland Orlando

Gatorland Orlando combines nature, wildlife, and good old fashioned theme park fun that attract many visitors all year. It is on a swampy 110-acre site just south of Orlando city; this theme park wildlife preserve has been titled the “Alligator Capital of the World.” It provides family-friendly fun, including an observation tower, alligator and crocodile show, a swamp walk, zip-line, alligator training center, and daily shows, which is a great thing to do in Orlando.

Gatorland Orlando photo: shutterstocks

SeaLife Orlando

Sea Life Orlando is located on international drive in Orlando. Sea Life Orlando offers a variety of exhibits to the family so they can enjoy together. It features a 360-degree ocean tunnel that stimulates the experience of walking across the ocean floor. Guests can see giant Pacific octopus, blacktip reef sharks from the seahorse, and much more; this attraction is perfect for all ages with over 5000 sea creatures.

Sealife Orlando ; Photo by Sea life

The old town in Kissimmee

There is the freedom to join and pursue the old town in Kissimmee. A retro landmark and a reconstruction of a classic Florida town, the old town offers amusement rides, souvenir shops, and plenty of food to enjoy. You can relax and enjoy as you will be visiting 18 acres of beautiful tree-lined brick streets, and discover unique, affordable shops and restaurants in old town Kissimmee. People of all ages will have ample time here.

Photo By: Old Town facebook page

Disney’s magic kingdom

The first-ever theme park in the world of Disney and now one of the finest theme parks. With six separate lands of exciting adventure, the Enchanted Kingdom welcomes 20 million visitors annually. The iconic Cinderella Castle stands as the park’s centerpiece, lit up by the famous firework show every night at ten o’clock. Disney’s enchanted kingdom will take you to an entirely different fantasy universe.

Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios Florida takes you to the world of your favorite films and characters. You will be amazed when you will be on the side of your favorite animated character and experience a great time at Universal studio, Florida, with your family. There you can play, watch and feel the same thrill that you watch on your TV.

Fun things to do in Orlando


King dining and Entertainment is a perfect place to bowl, eat, and stay with unlimited fun and a luxurious environment. It features 22 bowling lanes, billiards, Ping-Pong, and even bounce ball and two premium bars serving innovative cocktails. It is situated at ICON Park on International Drive.

Main Event Orlando is yet another perfect place to eat, bowl, and play on International drive. You can bowl, play virtual and interactive games, billiards, a high-ropes adventure course, and many other fun activities here.


You can play sports, which is another fun thing to do in Orlando. You can get multiple axe throwing lanes along with delicious food and drinks in downtown Orlando. It’s fun and thrilling. Isn’t it? If you love golf and never played it, Top golf Orlando maybe the perfect place to start with at Orange country convection center in the International Drive Area. Top golf Orlando uses a scoring system like bowling or darts. The sports center also comes up with fantastic food and drink menu for its customer.


Arcade Games is a fun thing that most of the kids and their parents love in Orlando. You can play Pinball Machines, Arcade Machines, Classic Arcade Games, and 360 Play, among others, on Happy Days Family Fun Center. Another great place to play the arcade game is Dave & Buster’s. It is a large entertainment facility filled with everything you’d need to have a fun time. It includes arcade games, a full sports bar, and a great restaurant where you can get restaurant and sports center services under one roof. You can play VR games at Mind Immersion and This virtual-reality arcade on International Drive, great fun and beautiful thing to do in Orlando.

Water Fun

Water fun is another fun thing to do in Orlando. The Orlando weather is mostly favorable for water fun adventures. You can play with water skiing, wake-boarding, tubing, a sandy beach, and more on Buena Vista Watersports. You can do a “Swimming With Manatees” tour or a 90-minute “Eco Tour” on Florida’s west coast, Crystal River Watersports, with the ability to see otters, dolphins, wild pigs, gators, and, of course, manatees. You can also purchase a jet ski from Orlando’s Extreme Jet Ski, just 4 miles from Disney.


You can go boating with your family. Boating is one of the fun things to do in Orlando. Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures is located in Kissimmee near Walt Disney World. During 45 min tour, you will encounter a wide range of exotic wildlife. Kissimmee Swamp Tours is yet another that provides boating in Kissimmee. It offers an hour and one and a half-hour airboat rides through the Florida Everglades’ pristine headwaters. Likewise, Winter Park Scenic Boat tour takes you through the beautiful chain of lakes in Orlando’s Winter Park neighborhood. This is led through a one hour guided tour on seven lakes and two canals in Orlando.

Things to do in Orlando with kids

Theme parks & attractions

Visiting theme parks and other Orlando attractions is the best thing to do in Orlando with kids. You can spend a day at Disney Parks with your kids. There are four action-packed theme parks at Disney world, including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. You can also enjoy Disney’s other attractions such as Disney Springs, golf courses, dining establishments, and other on-Site recreation activities together.

Learning about Science and Technology

You can visit many educational venues in Orlando. Orlando’s science center offers all kinds of fun science-themed experiences with its daily workshops, movie screening, live demos, and exhibitions. Learning about Science and Technology is yet another thing to do in Orlando with kids. You can also have a day trip to the space coast at Cocoa beach pier or other space coast beaches where you will get a great view of the live rocket launch from the Kennedy space center. The Space Coast is within 100 miles of Orlando.

Family tour to Kennedy Space center

You can visit the Kennedy Space Center if you and your children want a close view of rockets. Near Orlando and Daytona Beach, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is located in Central Florida. Transportation services are offered to the visitor complex by Gray Line Orlando and Florida Dolphin Tours.

Visit Central Florida zoo & botanical garden.

Take your family to a fun day out at a Central Florida Zoo. Central Florida Zoo is home to more than 400 animals. It includes some of the rarest and endangered animals on the earth. Also, You can go to the tropical splash park or go on a thrilling zip-line adventure. It is the best thing to do in Orlando with kids.

Visit library

With a free entrance to the orange county library, you can take your kids to the library for reading, computing, and other many fun activities. The first literacy station provides a wide variety of learning software in english, math, science, and arts in orange country software. Visiting the orange county library helps your kids to fun and learn which good thing to do in Orlando with kids.

Indoor Skydiving

The other fun thing to do with kids in Orlando is to go indoor skydiving with kids. Obviously, for kids, it is the coolest thing they can experience while visiting Orlando. You can feel the same thrill as you jump out of a plane but without parachutes and pre-jump nerves.

Hot Air Balloon

You and your kids together can get sight of Orlando from the sky on a hot air balloon ride above the city. Not only would your children enjoy Orlando’s scenes from the sky, but you’ll also come to say that later on, it was a good idea to see famous attractions and theme parks in its orange groves, woods, and swamps. Kids can ride a hot-air balloon at any age.


Kids and your whole family can do zip-line on the thrilling Gator Zipline, which soars over the Gatorland wildlife park. A 1200-ft-long zip line travels at speeds of more than 30 mph. You can also visit a splash park, petting zoo, and thousands of alligators and crocodiles in Gatorland Wildlife Park.

In Orlando, you can do a lot more than this. It is where you and your children will have an exceptional quality of time together.

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