High Increment Of Rescue Flight Causing High Air Traffic Density In TIA


On Saturday, biggest earthquake hit Gorkha district of Nepal at around 11:56 am with magnitude of 7.9 rector. The seismic wave created by quake had destroyed infinite lives and property. Till now, more than 5500 casualties have been reported. Several people are stucked in several places of Nepal. Inorder to evacuate them, Nepal is receiving international help and fund from several countries. India has sent 6 helicopters to Nepal. Among which light utility helicopters (HAL-Dhruv) have been flown from Pokhara Airport as it has been assigned as station whereas heavy utility helicopter (MI-17) and other helicopters of Nepalese helicopter charter company and Nepal Army have been flying from Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).

According to the report of five days, 98 flights have been conducted to Nepal by Military aircrafts and cargo aircrafts of 21 different countries whereas 325 flights have been conducted to earthquake affected places of Nepal. “In every minute, aircraft arrives and departs from TIA ” said Air Traffic Controller of TIA. These days high number of mission flights, International flights and domestic flights are increasing air traffic density in TIA and sky of Nepal due to which at least 8-10 planes have been diverted to Calcutta, Patna, Lucknow and so on.

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