High Stake Ride: Life hanged on the landing gearsurvives

High Stake Ride: Life hanged on the landing gearsurvives

An Indonesian 21-year-old man named Mario Steven Ambarita hitched a ride to the country’s capital Jakarta by clinging to the Boeing plane’s landing gear. Air transport ministry director general Suprasetyo report the episode, the accused personal sneaked on to the tarmac at an airport in Sumatra on Tuesday before climbing on-board the Boing jet’s landing gear.


“He really put his safety in danger,” Suprasetyo said. The aircraft flew as high as 34,000ft, where the oxygen concentration was very thin and temperatures below 0˚C.

Ambarita admitted to authorities that he had been planned the bold adventure move for a year, staking out the airport in advance. Suprasetyo said the unexpected passenger still managed to walk when the plane landed, but was staggering and had a bleeding ear. “But the present condition of him is fine” Suprasetyo said.

Ambarita could face one year jail if charged. He is still being questioned. The transport ministry has sanctioned local airport authorities for negligence and promised to improve security to prevent similar incidents in the future.




Image courtesy: Jewel Samad, Tribune news

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