Hijacked: EgyptAir flight 181, with 81 passengers on board.

Hijacked: EgyptAir flight 181, with 81 passengers on board.

Updated: EgyptAir Airbus A320-232, Flight 181 that was on a scheduled flight from Alexandria, has landed in Cyprus as it reported being hijacked on its Journey to Cairo.

The number of total passengers onboard revised to be 81.

The Cypriot Former European Commissioner of Education Androulla Vassiliou twitted that the plane landed at around 7am on Tuesday.

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The hijacked airplane of Egypt Air A320, carrying 82 passengers on board made an emergency landing at Laranaca Airport, Cyprus.

Up until now, the situation seems clam and hijackers are willing to release children and women passengers.

According to authority of Cyprus: hijackers asked all security officials to clean the space to release women and children passengers, moreover it has suspected that hijackers likely to carry bomb onboard. On addition, so far they have not been demanding anything critical.


An Egypt Air flight 181 bound from Alexandria to Cairo, 82 passengers on board been hijacked

According to Cyprus source: The flight imposed to make emergency landing in Cyprus, after it reported as hijacked.

Details yet to come.

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