Himalaya-2 air route approval delayed by Myanmar

Myanmar has delayed the approval of Himalaya-2 air route which was expected to facilitate international flights via Nepali airspace.

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) planned to introduce the route to reduce air traffic congestion at Bay of Bengal however, lack of Communication and Surveillance service at the airspace of Myanmar has left the air route in dilemma.

The Himalaya-2 air route starts from Mahakali in the west and then exits from eastern part of Nepal and follows Indian airspace. This route assigned as ‘L-626’ touches Nepali sky and then connects Indian airspace of Bengal, Asham and Arunachal. The route then continues towards airspace of Myanmar, China, Hong Kong and Japan.

As per Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), this route is 114 nm (212 km) shorter than the present air route at Bay of Bengal. The flight time will be reduced by 15 to 20 minutes. If the route activates then a total of 1660 tonnes of fuel can be conserved while the carbon emission also will be reduced by 5200 tonnes.

In view of the above facts, Nepal believe that Himalaya-2 route will not only benefit Nepal but the region as whole. Nepal also requested the comments and suggestions along with appeal for the cooperation of all concerned agencies for its implementation.

China Civil Aviation issued ten policies in a bid to cope with the international financial crisis and spur the stable and rapid development of civil aviation. Among them, one of the important policy is to save energy and reduce carbon emission.

Nepal is of the view that the proposed Himalaya-2 route will be an addition to the Chinese effort in saving cost and protecting the environment.

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