Himalaya Airlines Appoints Amadeus As Its First GDS

Himalaya Airlines Appoints Amadeus As Its First GDS


Recently, Himalaya Airlines has appointed Amadeus ( A multinational IT Provider for travel and tourism industry) as its first Global Distribution System(GDS) partner. Now onward, Amadeus will disperse flight fares, flight schedules and availability of Himalaya Airlines all over the world’s widest network of travel agents.

Vijay Shrestha, Vice president, administration of Himalaya Airlines asserted that they are enlivened to flourish their business in coordination with Amadeus which has good link with varieties of world’s largest travel agencies.

Himalaya Airlines is carrying out all necessary homework’s to conduct flights to Delhi, Lhasa, Chengdu, Beijing, Colombo, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Dammam within few months.

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