Himalaya Airlines donates funds to Lowa Prasad Bal Griha under Step Towards Education campaign

Taking further its “Step Towards Education” campaign under its Corporate Social Responsibility, Himalaya Airlines made a significant contribution for the renovation of kitchen and dining facilities of Lowa Prasad Bal Griha, a non-governmental and non-political social organization operated by Lowa Prasad Sudhar Sangh for the orphan and underprivileged children.

During a handover ceremony organized at the premises of the orphanage, on August 03, 2023, President Mr. Zhou Enyong handed over the cheque of Rs. 3,96,000/- to the chairperson Ms. Usha Karki. In addition to the significant cash contribution, the airlines also donated kitchen cutlery sets, sketch books and various sport games like Cricket set, Carrom Board, Badminton sets, basket balls, Ludo, skipping ropes, Hula Hoop, etc. to uplift the lives of resident children. Located at Sundarijal the organization currently provides shelter, education, care, and a nurturing environment to total 13 children.

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The cash funds will be utilized to facilitate the renovation of kitchen and dining area of the building, creating a more conducive and comfortable living space for the children to maintain a healthy, homely environment.

“Base in Nepal and serve in Nepal” is the commitment made and stuck to since long by Himalaya Airlines. Since its establishment, Himalaya Airlines has been making possible contributions to its utmost for the society. Through the donation to Lowa Prasad Bal Griha this time, we wish to provide better living and accommodation conditions to the children staying here and hope they will grow to be the contributors to the nation’s future.” remarked Mr. Zhou Enyong, President of Himalaya Airlines.

Ms. Usha Karki expressed her gratitude and welcomed the airlines’ gesture of donating the sports games to nurture the children’s interest in various sports activities. “We are immensely thankful to Himalaya Airlines for their caring contribution to our organization. Their generosity will significantly improve the lives of the children under our care,” she said.

Himalaya Airlines has always prioritized its corporate social responsibility initiatives and in the past seven years, the airlines has also extended its support to the children of Prayas Nepal, the home for orphan and under privileged children, providing various educational and essential supplies annually.  

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