Himalaya Airlines fleet now flying with life-saving AEDs onboard

Adhering to its key guiding principle of ‘Safety’, Himalaya Airlines, a Nepal – China Joint Venture Airline, has this week introduced Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) onboard all its fleet comprising of three A320s and one A319. To ensure flying with Himalaya is safer than ever before, Himalaya has now included AED, a life-saving device onboard. With this, Himalaya Airlines stands to be the first ever and the only Nepalese airlines to carry AEDs onboard.

An AED is a portable device that automatically diagnoses and treats the life-threatening sudden cardiac arrest. It helps to quickly shock someone’s heart and try to save their life if they collapse, have no pulse, and stop breathing. Within past few weeks all cabin crew of H9 have received a thorough training for proper usage of AEDs.

AEDs are important because they strengthen the Chain of Survival. They can restore a normal heart rhythm in victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Presence of AEDs onboard means a cardiac arrest can be treated and in many cases reversed; eventually helping to save lives of the passengers during mid-air emergencies. Without an AED, a cardiac arrest is likely to result in an unsuccessful outcome if the plane needs to divert for treatment.

The airlines has also placed the AEDs, in its Head Office and ground handling office located at TIA (Airport Office) to expand the safety net for all its employees. All our ground personnel have also been trained to administer AED. Himalaya Airlines thus will also be the only airline at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) equipped with AED; enhancing the safety of all visitors at TIA in case of emergency. Placement of AEDs in its aircraft as well as at its offices comes as a part of H9’s ongoing efforts to promote safety culture across company.

For all Himalaya passengers it is indeed a great comfort to know that in case of cardiac emergency midair, H9 crew have accessible AEDs and are well prepared to assist the passengers.

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