Himalaya Airlines flying a Chartered flight to Guangzhou


Private owned Himalaya Airlines is conducting a chartered cargo flight to Guangzhou in China today. The flight is being conducted as a charter flight amidst the ‘COVID-19’ lockdown to airlift the medical equipment’s and supplies from China for Corona prevention and cure in the country.

As per the source, Himalaya Airlines (H9) flight number ‘HIM770’ will depart from Tribhuvan International Airport at 5:30 PM today. The carrier has already received permission for the special cargo flight form the Civil Aviation authorities of Nepal. This is the first time the carrier is flying a chartered flight after Corona outbreak and country’s lockdown. The returning flight will be ‘HIM 771’ and will depart from China tomorrow at 07:15 AM, Monday.

The flight will not be flying any passengers except the crew of the flight. It will be flying with medical equipments like PPE, Masks, Gloves and test kits required by the country for Covid-19 prevention. Several flights have been made nationally and internationally after the regular flight suspension has been imposed in the country. Most of the flights are repartition flights and medical cargo flights like this one.

Two wide body aircraft Airbus A330 from Nepal Airlines also made similar kind of flight to the same destination Guangzhou to retrieve the medical supplies few weeks earlier. Also a CRJ-700 aircraft retrieved few medical supplies a few days back from Singapore. The national and international flight suspension has been imposed further till May 15 next month. In between special rescue flights, repartition flights, medical and supply cargo flights and emergency flights are being carried out nationally as well as internationally with special permissions from the authorized.

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