Himalaya Airlines hiring 130 pilots, 28 pursers and 10 Senior Cabin Crew soon

Himalaya Airlines, a Nepal-China joint venture has planned to shortly hire 130 pilots, 28 pursers and 10 Senior Cabin Crews.

The airline is currently operating schedule flights to Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia and is trying to expand destinations. With the motive to expand destinations, fleets and be competitive enough, Himalaya is requiring more than 100 pilots at once.

As per the vacancy, the airline will be seeking 5 Type-Rated Examiner (TRE), 5 Type-Rated Instructors and 8 Line Training Captains (LTC). Likewise, the company will also recruit 28 Type-Rated Line Captains and 28 Non-Type Rated Captains but only Nepali citizen. Similarly, 28 Type-Rated First Officers and 28 Non-Type Rated First Officers will get chance to enroll at Himalaya Airlines but they have to hold Nepali citizenship.

The company has declared the age limitation as the applicants for TRE, LTC and Type-Rated captain must be below 63 years. Likewise, the age of Non-Type Rated Line Captain must be below 55 years, Type-Rated First Officer below 45 years and the Non-Type Rated First Officer must be between 21 to 45 years.

Besides, Himalaya Airlines is also seeking pursers and senior cabin crews. As per the company, it is requiring 28 pursers and 10 Senior Cabin Crews. The age requirement for purser is below 50 years whereas for Senior Cabin Crew, it is between 21 to 30 years.

At present, Himalaya Airlines is operating with its 3 Airbus A320 aircraft and will obtain two more in near future. It is the fast growing private airlines of Nepal. Established in August 2014, Himalaya Airlines is a full service premium carrier. The airline started its first scheduled flight operations from May 31, 2016 flying directly to Doha, Qatar.

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