Himalaya Airlines opts to withdraw its Yangon flights service

The private airliner Himalaya Airlines has decided to withdraw its direct flight service to Yangon after few months in the service of that sector.

Media Manager for Himalaya Airlines stated Aviation Nepal that the commercial flight operation on the Yangon route has been halted since couple of months. The airline had aimed to resume its service from September 15, this year but due to some unclear circumstances the airline failed to resume its service and the flight on the sector has been paused. The company has apologized for any inconvenience caused by the withdrawn of the flight of KTMRGN/H9892 and RGNKTM/H9893.

Previously, the airline had inaugurated its flight operation on Yangon route on Feb 25, 2017 as the fourth destination of the airline. But since, two months the flight operations have been halted and now not in operation.

Nepal signed an air service agreement with Myanmar in April 2006. Previously, Union of Burma Airways used to operate flights between Yangon and Kathmandu.

According to government statistics, Myanmar is among the top seven tourist source markets for Nepal. Last year, Nepal received 25,769 tourists from Myanmar, with a majority of them entering the country overland. Among them, 15,284 visited Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha.

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