Himalaya Airlines requests 10 days extension clearing pending dues

Himalaya Airlines, a Nepali international air carrier has asked 10 days for clearing of pending dues of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).

The carrier paid NRs. 5 Million to TIA on January 12 and has requested to give 10 days’ more to clear remaining airport service charges of around NRs. 13.5 crore.

Raj Kumar Chhetri, General Manager of TIA stated that Himalaya Airlines has asked 10 days to clear pending dues and the decision will be made after discussing with different departments of TIA on Monday, January 14 (today).

The pending dues of Himalaya Airlines has increased more than Rs 14 crore as the carrier failed to clear all dues from a long time.

General ,Manager Chhetri said that the airport office offered some ease for Himalaya Airlines as it is Nepali airline company but after the carrier did not show any concern in paying dues and the dues kept on increasing, the airport official has demanded to clear dues at any cost now.

Regarding that Himalaya Airlines fails to clear dues on time, Chhetri said that the airport official will use the rights given by the law to collect the pending dues.

Himalaya Airlines was founded in 2014 as a joint venture between Yeti World Investment and Tibet Airlines. Previously, Himalaya Airlines entered into to the China market with the maiden flight to its latest destination, Chongqing, a major tourist city of the People’s Republic of China on October of 2018.

Currently, Himalaya Airlines is flying to four destinations- Damam, Kuala Lumpur, Doha and Dubai.

According to the Airport Service Charge Regulation 2067, the responsibility of collecting airport service charge goes to the chief of the airport who has to submit statement to head office every month. Likewise, those who fail to dispatch airport service charge within 60 days from the generation of bill then the airport chief can halt their business whereas in case of airline operators, the flight will be restricted.

In addition, the authority can blacklist the business and airline operators if they fail to pay the airport service charge and act beyond the rules, regulations and agreement of the authority. In such case, the business and airline operators will be restricted to run any businesses at the airport.

Previously because of failure of paying pending dues,

Management committee of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) had halted all flights of saurya Airlines from December 6,2018 on wards. TIA halted all of the carriers operation since the airline was unable to pay the dues.

The airline had promised to pay the dues to the airport for a long time and after the airline was unable to pay the due amount, the airport had been decreasing the operation hour of the airline.

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