Himalaya Airlines resuming its direct flight service to Dubai after two months

Himalaya Airlines, the private airliner has announced to resume its direct flight service to Dubai after few months of halt in the service of that sector. Himalaya Airlines will conduct the direct flights to Dubai by its new Airbus A320-214 series aircraft.

The Airline previously had inaugurated its direct flight service to Dubai from April 28 this year which remains halted since July 14 but now is likely to resume its service from September 1, 2017.

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The duration of the flight is four hours non-stop from Kathmandu to Dubai and the bookings had also opened for the Dubai Flights. Everyone including the passengers and travel agents are very positive about this announcement about Dubai flight. With the launch of daily service, the airline will operate its one of the three Airbus 320-214 on the route, offering 8 Business class and 150 Economy class seats for travelers on a regular basis.

Previously, Nepal Airlines flew in the sector of Kathmandu Dubai continuously for 8 years. But after gaining only loss in the flight of this sector Kathmandu-Dubai-Doha-Dubai-Kathmandu, the operation was shut in 2011 which had also resume its service from August 18, last year.

The Dubai market was solely covered by ‘Fly Dubai’ Airlines in Kathmandu Dubai sector, beside Himalaya Airlines and Nepal Airlines. Nepalese Airline operator will need to bring a competitive fare for competing with this budget airline. Premium airline needs to make agreement about the fare with budget airline before conducting the flights to same sector.

Himalaya Airlines presently owns three Airbus A320-214 series aircraft and is currently conducting scheduled flights to four destinations namely Dubai, Doha, Kuala Lumpur, Damman and Yangon. The airline has extended its wings in collaboration with Tibet Airlines which has successfully done its inauguration flight on Chengdu- Kathmandu route on August 8, this year.

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