Himalaya Airlines to shift its base station in Dubai from DWC to DXB Dubai International Airport

Himalaya Airlines, country’s only private international air operator has decided to shift its airport base for Dubai from 29 October.

The airline has decided to shift its Dubai base from Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) to Dubai International Airport (DXB).

At present Himalaya operates regularly scheduled flight to Dubai through Al Maktoum International Airport from its Kathmandu based main station.

As been reported by the Airlines, the airlines have decided to schedule its flight to Dubai International Airport from 29 October.

The airlines due to unavailability of parking and trafficking space at DXB were compelled to operate its flight in DWC but now the authorities from DXB airport approved Himalaya to connect Dubai through their airport after the availability of the parking slate.

Himalaya Airlines were eager to connect Dubai through DXB airport but were unable to operate flight through the airport due to insufficient space but now we are delighted with the approval received from the airport authority.

As been reported the location of DXB international airport is quite close to the city of Dubai comparing it that with Al Maktoum International Airport. So the passengers too will be pleased to drive less from the airport to reach the city.

Dubai International Airport is amongst the busiest airport in the region is the leading transit base for various airlines connecting Asia and Australian continent with European, African and American continent.

Previously Himalaya Airlines had halted their Dubai flight operation caused by technical glitches but had restarted their operation from 1st of September.

At present Himalaya conducts their regular scheduled flight to Dammam, Kula Lumpur, Doha, Dubai and the airlines is currently preparing to start their operation to China.

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