Himalaya Airlines: Sixth phase charter scheduled flight

Himalaya Airlines has finalized its sixth phase charter scheduled flight starting from September 2 to 29.

Nepalis, who live in various countries and want to return home due to COVID-19, will be repatriated from September 2 to 29. Airlines will fly for Male, Maldives on September 2, While Doha flight has been confirmed on September 3, 6,8, 23 . Furthermore Nepalese will get repatriated from Dammam, Saudi Arabia on September 9, 17, 22, 29.

On September 15, Himalaya Airlines will fly for Kuwait City, Kuwait.

Himalaya Airlines has been operating the repatriation flight in compliance with the Government of Nepal’s decision and permission to rescue and bring home the stranded Nepalese citizens in various countries due to the Covid-19 outbreak that has spread all over the globe.

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